Aspiring to capture the perfect shot


Photo Shoot at Kelley Park

Today I went on a photo shoot at Kelley Park in San Jose. I wanted to practice changing settings in manual mode, using my telephoto and wide angle lenses, and composition before I leave for South Africa next week. Pretend that the squirrel is a leopard!


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A Day at the Zoo

Yesterday I took my second trip to our little zoo here in San Jose to practice photographing animals in preparation for our trip to Africa.  When I got home, I found that many of my photos were blurry.  This was a very valuable experience, because, for the first time I really understand that my shutter speed needs to be larger than the inverse of my focal distance.  It seems that the only way that I can accomplish this is to set my shutter speed and then use auto ISO.  After I returned home, I took a few shots using this approach and they look sharp and bright, even though the ISO went as high as 6400 when shooting a shady area.

Here are a few from the zoo that came out o.k.

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Blogging 101: In A Pickle


In a Pickle

This post is in response to today’s assignment from Blogging University, Blogging 101 course.  It was to try another blogging event.  I chose to join the Weekly Photo Challenge and take a photo for this week’s challenge:  “Half and Half”.

Shot with my Olympus OMD 5

1:1.7 20mm Lumix lens

1/15 sec, F 4.0, ISO 800